For more than 60 years, the company
Jelitto Star GmbH

has already impressed with Christmas lights

However, the range of luminaires is much more far-reaching and center lighting, pole lighting and illuminations are also part of the range of services offered by Jelitto Star. Also for special occasions, such as a garden party or a wedding, Jelitto Star delivers impressive home lighting or simple but very stylish fairy lights and mini lights. The company is focused in the Christmas lighting, which is realized with Christmas illuminations and Christmas decorations outside. No matter if larger inner cities, which are to be provided with a Christmas lighting or if it is a small Christmas market. The range of motifs for the Christmas lighting is almost inexhaustible, simple stars, christmas trees or shooting stars in terms of Christmas lights everything is possible.
he christmas lights also include special illuminations, so that almost every wish can be fulfilled.

In addition to Christmas lights and a special illumination but simple street lighting are conceivable that provides the right mood for the festival of festivals. The street lighting can be attached to the houses or to street lights or separate masts.
Thus, such street lighting as Christmas lights provides the necessary light in the evenings and enchants the streets with a Christmas glow. However, it is not always just the Christmas lights or Christmas illuminations that are needed, but also house lightings when there is a special occasion to celebrate. 

nd so the company Jelitto Star GmbH delivers Christmas illuminations and a Christmas outdoor decoration as well as an illumination for many other occasions. Whether fairy lights, mini lights, house lighting or Christmas illuminations, as well as Christmas lighting - with the products of Jelitto Star GmbH you put every street and every house in the right light.

Made in Germany

As a company based in Germany, more precisely in Schwanewede, we also produce our Christmas lights there.
The Christmas lights are handmade by experienced staff and are subject to high quality standards. The production of Christmas lights in our house results in a large number of advantages. On the one hand, we can ensure that the production takes place under the best possible conditions for personnel and materials.

On the other hand, we are also very flexible in terms of delivery time and preparation of the Christmas lights.
Special designs can be arranged with our production and you in the fastest way, what brings a best possible implementationof customer wishes.
Thus, it can be quickly ascertained whether an implementation of custom-made products and fixtures in thedesired form are possible and meaningful – a bad awakening at your place is almost impossible.
Customer proximity is very important to us – we would like to welcome you personally in our company and help you with our showroom with a selection of possible themes and variants of your future Christmas lights.
In a nice atmosphere, a first conversation about the wishes and requirements of the customer to the futureChristmas lights, as well as a preliminary needs assessment is possible.

We are also happy to advise you personally and individually on site – throughout Germany and through our representatives in large parts of Europe.Thanks to our decades of experience with Christmas lights, we have been able to continuously improve the processing and quality of our products and increase them to an optimum.
A simple and customer-friendly installation of our motifs and Christmas lights is our top priority.
Upon request, our products are adapted to your personal needs in production.
A custom-made, for example the holder, saves time and money when attaching the motifs.

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